We built a team of fire practitioners, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and activists to solve this crisis.

Matt Weiner
CEO Megafire Action
Previously : Executive Director of the California Democratic Congressional Delegation, Advisor to U.S. Reps. Henry Waxman, Susan Davis and Senator Henry Stern.
Matt’s 15 years securing California’s priorities in Congress made it clear that we have the tools to solve megafire, but we need a movement to get it done.
Board Chairman
George T. Whitesides
Currently : Convective Capital
Previously : NASA Chief of Staff, Virgin Galactic CEO
Board Member / Chair of the Advisory Board
Kate Dargan Marquis
Currently : Co-Founder of Intterra
Previously : White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, California State Fire Marshal, 30 year firefighter/chief
Board Member
Gabe Kleinman
Currently : Obvious Ventures
Previously : IDEO, Creative Artists Agency
Board Member
Kim Mai-Cutler
Currently : Partner at Initialized Capital, CA YIMBY Founding Board Member
Advisory Board Member
Kelly Martin
Currently : Co-founder and President of Grassroots Wildland Firefighters, Burn Boss at The Nature Conservancy
Previously : Chief of Fire and Aviation Yosemite National Park
Advisory Board Member
Shefali Lakhina
Currently : Co-founder of Wonder Labs
Advisory Board Member
Ilya Volodarsky
Currently : Co-Founder of Wildfires.org
Previously: Co-Founder of Segment
Advisory Board Member
Michael Wara
Currently : Director of Policy, Sustainability Accelerator, Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability
Advisory Board Member
Bill Clerico
Currently : Founder of Convective Capital
Previously : Founder and CEO of Wepay
Advisory Board Member
Michael Dubin
Currently : Founder of Safewoods
Previously : Founder of Dollar Shave Club
Strategy & Operations
Adriana Hidalgo
Previously: Special Assistant to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Advisor to U.S. Rep. Lois Capps
Brand & Marketing
Nick Fisher
Previously : Sonder, Medium, Twitter

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